Current Series

The Spirit of the Church

In 2017 CCC will celebrate our 20th Anniversary. It was this series that we did 20 years ago to lay out the mission for the church. We thought that this would be a great time to remind us of our core values.  

That You May Know

There has been a question that has trouble many Christians and that question is "How can I know that I am saved?"

John wrote the Gospel of John that you may believe and receive eternal life.

John wrote the letter of First John that you KNOW that you have eternal life.


One of the most EPIC accounts in all the Bible is the event of God giving His people, His Word, written by His finger on two tablets of stone.

Today we know these as the 10 commandments. This series is a look at that moment in history recorded for us in the Book of Exodus.

In a series we have entitled 10

I Dare You

One of the great hero's of the Old testament has to be Daniel. As we read his life story in the Book of Daniel we are challenged to examine our own life. His life story is a dare to us. Daring us to live full on for the Glory of God.

I Dare You to take this challenge of Daniel